Meet 'Saved by the Bell' star Haskiri Velazquez, the revival's new Zack Morris

Haskiri Velazquez is taking over Zack's power to freeze time and break the fourth wall as the character Daisy Jimenez on Peacock's Saved by the Bell revival (out Wednesday). And although Velazquez says she and Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who played Zack in the original series, didn't spend much time together, she's elated about what the character will mean to young Latinas. "I grew up in New York's Washington Heights, where my community was very diverse. But when I turned on the TV, the only person I

Reggaeton legend Ivy Queen on working with Bad Bunny, Rauw Alejandro collab

To understand the significance of that moment, one needs to take a trip back to 1990’s Puerto Rico. This was the time and place where the Urbano Latino genre was born. Ivy, born Martha Ivelisse Pesante Rodríguez, would prove at 18 that women could spit lyrics on par with any man. Not only was she a lyricist, whose verses had the power to lure anyone onto the dance floor, the lyrics themselves were empowering, bold, and ballsy at a time when men were dominating airwaves with words that often deni

HBO's ‘Murder on Middle Beach’ filmmaker on how making the docuseries about his mom's death saved his life

When Madison Hamburg was 11 years old, his parents Jeffrey and Barbara Hamburg bought him a Sony Handycam. The gift arrived a day after they told Madison they were getting a divorce. Although his parents didn’t know it at the time, that camcorder would change Madison’s life forever. The budding filmmaker makes his debut on HBO with Murder on Middle Beach, a docuseries that untangles the mystery behind his mom’s murder, which remains unsolved to his day. But Madison hopes viewers can look beyond

Anne Hathaway apologizes for negative portrayal of limb difference in 'The Witches'

Anne Hathaway has issued an apology for "the pain caused" to people with limb differences by her character in HBO Max's movie The Witches. In the Roald Dahl adaptation, Hathaway portrays the evil Grand High Witch, who has three fingers on each hand that resemble the congenital disorder ectrodactyly. "I have recently learned that many people with limb differences, especially children, are in pain because of the portrayal of the Grand High Witch in The Witches," the actress wrote in an Instagram

How 'Veneno' creators hope to spread love and empathy while honoring trans icon Cristina Ortiz

Watch the first trailer for the HBO Max series about the power of friendship set to debut on Nov. 19. Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi's lives were impacted greatly by the magic of Cristina "La Veneno" Ortiz, a trans icon whose quick wit and unapologetic attitude took Spain by storm in the '90s. Through their series Veneno, the duo, known collectively as Los Javis, honor the enigma (played at different times by Jedet, Daniela Santiago, and Isabel Torres) with a little help from journalist Valer

Ava DuVernay introduces Hollywood's next wave of cinematic talent

The highly lauded director is using her power in the film industry and non-profit collective ARRAY to amplify BIPOC voices, many of which she introduced this weekend during the AFI Summit panel "Elevating BIPOC filmmakers: A Conversation with ARRAY." Panelists included writer/directors Deepa Mehta, Isabel Sandoval, Blitz Bazawule, and Merawi Gerima. The collection was started in 2011 with its headquarters based in Los Angeles serving as a welcoming space to nurture talent Hollywood tends to ign

Nyle DiMarco on how working on 'Deaf U' made him reflect on his own college experience

NYLE DIMARCO: I'm overwhelmed with all the positive reactions; it's exactly what we were hoping for. My favorite part has been how people have been so amazed that they take this deep dive into another world. As someone from the deaf community, I see this simply as a scratching of the surface. We have so much more to offer and show if we're given more opportunities and future seasons. Absolutely! From my experience on America's Top Model and Dancing With the Stars, I saw that as the sole deaf co

Emily Estefan reveals mom Gloria Estefan's shocking reaction to her coming-out story

Gloria Estefan is a beloved singer the world over, but at home she's a mother, grandmother, wife, and human being. And while the Estefans are very public figures, they've mostly kept their personal lives within their circle of trust — at least until the recent launch of the Facebook Watch series Red Table Talk: The Estefans. "I came out to my parents like in 2017. But as you'll see on the show, I think they knew way before that," Emily, 25, tells EW. "What I'm most excited about in this episode

How 'The Right Stuff' highlights the bond between astronaut wives

The Right Stuff, which debuts Friday on Disney+, focuses on the lives of the first Americans in space, the Mercury 7 astronauts. But the show also highlights the experiences of their wives, who have their own powerful stories to tell. While the series isn't The Astronaut Wives Club, viewers will become acquainted with Annie Glenn (Nora Zehetner), Trudy Cooper (Eloise Mumford), and Louise Shepard (Shannon Lucio), whose story lines are a significant part of the show. Aside from who they were to t

Lin-Manuel Miranda shares the most shocking moment from HBO doc 'Siempre, Luis'

The father-and-son duo of Luis and Lin-Manuel Miranda are so close that it would seem like an impossibility to surprise either with new information about the other. Nevertheless, the elder Miranda managed to do just that, and surprised members of the family during an early screening of his upcoming HBO documentary, Siempre, Luis. Before deconstructing the events that left many Mirandas with mouths agape, it's of the utmost importance to introduce the man behind the exhausted smile and the wrink

Keith Morrison previews the twists and turns of the 'Dateline' season 29 premiere

Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed claims she killed her uncle Shane Patrick Moore in self-defense, but what actually happened on July 16, 2016? Dateline NBC correspondent Keith Morrison deconstructs the events that led to Moore-Reed's second-degree manslaughter conviction earlier this year in the news magazine's season 29 episode, ″A Killer Role,″ airing Oct. 2 at 10 p.m. ET. Perhaps the most intriguing element of this case is Moore-Reed herself. While the author and blogger, who goes by the pen name T

'Cheer' star Jerry Harris arrested on child pornography charge

Harris was arrested on Thursday morning and charged with one count of federal child pornography for allegedly enticing an underage boy to produce sexually explicit videos and photos of himself, Joseph Fitzpatrick with the U.S. Attorney's Office, Northern Illinois District, said. He is scheduled to appear in a Chicago Federal Court this afternoon. According to the criminal complaint, which EW has reviewed, Harris “contacted the underage boy on a social media application and repeatedly enticed hi
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